Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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This page contains the most commonly asked questions regardng enrolling a child at Springvale Rise Primary School.
If your question is not answered here - please contact the school.

How can I enrol my child at Springvale Rise? What will I need to bring?What age must my child be to be able to begin Year Prep?Does the school offer Before and After school programs?
You can enrol your child at Springvale Rise by visiting the school - either campus - between 8.45 and 4.00 Monday to Friday.
For your child to be eligible to begin Year Prep - they must
There is an After-School Program run at the Heights Campus ONLY and it is run by the company - Active Learning. Please contact the owner - Margaret Menzies on 0409 335 600.
Is there a Uniform Shop?
Uniforms can be purchased at either campus during school hours - Monday to Friday.
Does the school offer a Music Program?
The school offers a Music and Performing Arts Program - as well as the opportunity for students to join the school choir.
How much are the school fees?
The amount of school fees is set by the School Council. This year the annual school fees are $150.00.
What LOTE language does the school offer?
The school currently does not offer LOTE but as all schools are required to offer a LOTE language by 2015 - the school is currently assessing which language will be offered.
What is the school's policy on extreme weather?
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The school is a SunSmart school - requiring all students and teachers to wear wide-brimmed hats from September to May each year. Our policy also requires all outside activities to cease when the temperature reaches 34 degrees Celcius.

Also - during wet and windy conditions - all students are required to return to their interior learning spaces.
Is there a school camp each year?
The school does offer a school camp for years 3-4 and 5-6 on a two year cycle - not annually.
Do the students on each campus have opportunities to meet and interact?
Our students from each campus do have several opportunities each year to meet, interact and get to know each other. Some of the activities include Cross-Campus sporting sessions, Inquiry Expos, community events and via digital technology.
Does the school offer a Swimming Program?
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The students at Springvale Rise - in all age groups - are given the opportunity of participating in a swimming program - conducted by expirenced, qualified swimming instructors.
Does the school have a Parents Association?
The school does not have a Parents Association but we do have a Community Hub which is located within the school on the Heights Campus. This is a popular and vibrant place for all of our parent community to meet other parents, learn new skills [English classes and Women's Leadership courses are currently running] and to receive help with any concerns you may have.

You are welcome at any time.
What is the school's email address?
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When do parents receive their child's Personalised Achievement Report?

You will receive a written report of your child's progress and achievements at school twice a year - June/July and December.
You will also have the opportunity of attending a Parent-Teacher interview in February/March as well as an invitation to attend a Student Led Conference - conducted by your child with your child's teacher in attendance. This will be in June.

You are also able to make an appointment with your child's Homegroup [class] teacher - or with the Principal - at any other time.