Senior Learning Centre

In Literacy, the SLC have been honing their writing skills for narrative and persuasive texts and have enjoyed composing texts titled - ’Why I Deserved A Day Off School’ and ‘If I Could Go Back In Time’.  Reading workshops have continued to build students’ reading comprehension skills, and particularly emphasizing the enjoyment of reading.

In Numeracy, the SLC have been working hard to demonstrate their multiplication and division skills, as well as completing a variety of hands on activities for Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

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The SLC have been doing many exciting things in Inquiry and particularly enjoyed exploring a suitcase full of artefacts from the Immigration Museum of Victoria. “It was really fascinating to learn about the migration of people from different nations to Australia in the past.”, remarked one of the students.  The school leaders attended multiple ANZAC ceremonies, which was related to their Inquiry Unit.  

We also made delicious ANZAC cookies and explored the lives of the Anzac soldiers.

Additionally, the SLC have been practising their chosen summer sports, in preparation for inter school sports
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