Middle Learning Centre

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In Literacy, the Middle Learning Centre students have been focusing on reading and writing narratives and exposition texts. They have been comparing the two texts and noting the differences between the two, that is an exposition is one’s opinion whereas a narrative is a text to entertain the reader. The students have been planning drafting and publishing their texts.

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In Numeracy, the Middle Learning Centre students have been reflecting on their goals for addition and subtraction. They have achieved much success in their goals. Students have also been sitting pre-tests for multiplication and division and have therefore set future learning goals in these areas.

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In Inquiry, the Middle Learning Centre students have been looking at cultures and what it means to be Australian. Tuning in activities have included immersion centres where students have looked at Australian people, inventions, icons and money. Students discussed the meaning of Aussie slang words and phrases. The week leading up to ANZAC day, students researched the ANZACS and their significance in our history. They have identified what it means to be Australian and recognised their personal cultures.

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