Junior Learning Centre

The JLC is an exciting and dynamic learning space.

We have continued exploring our Keys to Success and have been working on achieving our trust shields. This shows that we are trusted in the JLC and our school community.

In the JLC, we have also begun investigating our nation’s identity. We want to recognise the unique cultures and customs of all people, including the people indigenous to Australia. Home groups have
completed a number of interesting tasks to help students understand their country. We have focused on recognising and appreciating all the diverse cultures within Australia.

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In the JLC, we have been learning about the features of Description and Recount texts. In our literacy workshop groups we have continued our ongoing ZPD-based learning. We have also explored various reading strategies such as: sequencing, recalling facts and details, outlining the main idea, making predictions, reading pictures and finding word meaning in context.

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In Numeracy workshops, we have been exploring our goals of ‘counting and patterns’ as well as ‘number and place value.’ In home groups we have investigated ‘time’ and ‘data representation and interpretation’.

We love learning in the JLC!!

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