Foundation Learning Centre

The Foundation students are very settled. They have learnt the routines of school life and are learning to follow the school's
Keys to Success to ensure everyone works co-operatively and effectively together.

In Literacy - we continue to focus on a new
letter/sound each week. The students brainstorm words, learn letter formation and complete craft and written tasks about the letter.

Our Reading is progressing with daily group and individual reading. We share stories, talk about our feelings and opinions and complete related tasks. We write a
recount about our weekend activities each Monday and we are now exploring writing about our "favourite things". 

The Foundation students are reading and discussing
Fairy Tales. While continuing on rhyme, we list words in 'families' like 'ot' or 'ag' words.
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In Numeracy - we continue to explore numbers to ten and some beyond. We make and continue pattern with shape and colour and we are learning about ordinal  number from 1st to 5th. Other Numeracy topics include comparing length and mass, creating graphs and looking at time - morning, afternoon and night.

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Our Mother's Day Afternoon was very successful - as you can see from the images above - and we also made gifts of hand cream during our Inquiry sessions. We will continue to experiment with materials over the coming weeks.
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In Inquiry our unit this term is Materials and Change. After exploring living and non-living things, we have made an extensive collection of different materials - plastic, wood, metal, rubber. We have started to use and cause materials to change. We made boats and found that plastic and foil boats stayed afloat the best!

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