Starting School Transition:

Starting school is a major life transition for children and their families. We recognise that it is a time of change that can be both challenging and exciting, as children and families adjust to new roles, identities and expectations, new interactions and new relationships. We acknowledge that children start school with different early childhood experiences and a range of strengths and needs. We work towards ensuring that children make effective transitions and we will support children and their families who might need extra support.
Our school program involves three groups: children, families and educators. We work towards developing successful transitions by developing positive, supportive relationships between children, families and teachers. We strive for children to feel that school is a place where people care about them and where they are likely to succeed. Similarly, we value families and show them respect as well as include them in school life.
Secondary Placement:

One of the most important decisions parents face is the secondary placement for their children after primary school.  Parents are encouraged to make themselves aware of the educational facilities and programs being offered at secondary schools. Also it is important for parents to visit as many local secondary schools as possible prior to making a decision.
Most schools have information nights early in the year and information about these is sent home.  The placement forms arrive at the school during June and parents are given approximately two weeks to decide on preferred placement before returning the forms to the school.  Results of placement are usually known during term three. Orientation day for Year 6 students is held early in December.

Before a child moves to another school, parents must inform both the class teacher and the office so that a transfer note, together with appropriate files and records can be forwarded to the new school.
Transition Program:

Throughout the year, we have activities especially designed to introduce your child to the school and school activities. We send out letters to all the Kindergarten parents to invite them to come and be part of the program.  In November, we have five special Friday afternoon programs for the children.  We’ll keep you informed about them as soon as we can.  Please feel free to visit our school at anytime to look over facilities we offer our new students.