Personalising Learning

Springvale Rise Primary School is an innovative school, that offers innovative, Point-of-Need teaching and learning for all students.
The school is centred around open Learning Spaces with Homegroups being organised as FLC [Foundation Learning Centre], JLC [Junior Learning Centre], MLC [Middle Learning Centre] and SLC [Senior Learning Centre].
All of our students receive relevant, authentic and 'personalised' learning programs that are tailored to the uniqueness of each student - Point-of-Need.
Our students are engaged in learning programs that are designed for 'them'. Our students are at the centre of their learning.

The school’s priorities - as reflected in the school’s AIP [Annual Implementation Plan] are listed as building Reading Comprehension and Numeracy proficiency, continue to build the capacity of students to have a greater voice in their learning process and to align and allocate digital resources to best meet the needs of the school short and long term priorities.

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Why Personalised Learning:
All children are entitled to learning that is tailored to their needs - not to the needs of schools or teachers. Schools are for students and as such they deserve our complete and unswerving dedication to providing the highest quality teaching and learning practices.
What is Personalised Learning:
Personalised Learning offers a means of transforming the learning experience of every child. It creates an education system tailored to the needs, interests and aptitudes of every single pupil.
As such, it is a challenge for schools, but it is also a real opportunity to make a positive impact on young people’s learning and future.

It Is:
  • Honouring each student as an individual learner.
  • Recognising that each student has his or her own learning style, interests, aspirations, challenges and obstacles.
  • Fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Placing the learner first; Students are the focus NOT the teacher.
  • Recognising that every student is an individual and known as the whole child (emotionally, socially, and intellectually).

Moral Purpose:
  • Recognizing that as educators we have the power to positively affect the lives of our students.
  • Fostering collaborative partnerships between teachers, parents, students and the school.
  • Developing environments that create and nurture positive learning.
  • Interacting professionally and positively with each other (staff to staff/staff to student/student to student).

Mission Statements:
Students: Students will be empowered to be active, independent learners who have ownership and take responsibility for their learning
Teachers: Teachers provide an environment which is supportive, inclusive and enables our students to realise   their uniqueness and potential in a changing global society.
Parents: Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s learning by engaging in a partnership with the school.