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Parent involvement:

Parents are a child’s first teacher and the home provides the beginning and foundation for learning.  We aim to build on this through developing a partnership with parents in their child’s education.
There are many opportunities to:
  • Become comfortable and familiar with the staff,
  • educational practices and management style of the
  • school and to make your own contribution to it.
  • Convey to children the importance you place on their
  • education.
  • Be a constructive member of a local community actively
  • providing the opportunity to make new friends.
  • Develop new skills or enhance existing ones.
Parents are asked assist in achieving the additional funds needed for the school to broaden the opportunities and facilities available to children.  There is an active fund raising committee, and all parents are encouraged to join in, even if only for one or two tasks per year.
Teachers and children value parent assistance in the classroom.  Parental assistance can often enhance the learning environment through increased adult participation.  Involvement in school programs may provide parents with new insights and understanding about their children, fostering the links between home and school learning. Individual teachers are happy to discuss details regarding skills or resources parents could provide.

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Parent information Sessions:

Early in Term One all parents will be invited to a “Meet the Teacher Information Evening”, where curriculum areas, class rules, homework and expectations are discussed.  Additional information sessions are held throughout the year for specific issues and programs.
Parents are encouraged to discuss with teachers any areas of curriculum about which they require information.
Reporting to Parents:
Communication and contact between parents and teachers regarding each child’s welfare and progress is encouraged.  Throughout the year contact may be sought either by the teacher or by parents.  To ensure this is productive it is requested that parents make an appointment to arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting.  The school would like to know of any factors relating to your child’s background which may affect behaviour and/or learning.  Problems are best addressed promptly through the co-operative efforts of both teacher and parent.
Parent/Teacher Interviews are conducted in the first half of the year.  Written reports are issued mid- year and in December.
School Council:
The School Council consists of elected parents and staff of the school.  The School Council works with the Principal and the staff in determining the general educational policy, programs and management of the finances and buildings and grounds.  The School Council acts as a link between parents, school and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  It is through the School Council that opportunities are provided for parents and teachers to take part in educational decision-making at the school level. At Springvale Rise, the School Council consists of 15 members:  The Principal, who acts as Executive Officer, 4 elected Department of Education employees, 9 parents and one community member.  School Council has a number of sub committees comprising a mix of School Council members, staff and parents.  Each subcommittee is convened by a member of School Council.